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Metering and billing
platform for SaaS

Flexibility - Automate every pricing model without effort
Time to launch - Reduce your time to go-live by 6 months
Any scale - Handle billions of events per month, reliably
Reduce the cost of your billing operations,
go live today with minimal engineering effort.
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One-stop shop for all your billing needs

Configure pricing
Set up complex pricing models without code. Manage custom contracts for enterprise deals and automate self-serve purchases.
Track and meter usage, enforce feature limits
Collect and aggregate real-time usage data to bill your customers and manage entitlements.
Invoicing, Payments and Reporting
Automated invoicing and payments collection - no more messy spreadsheets or billing disputes.
Automate your Billing Workflows
Connect Togai to your existing tech stack with just a few clicks. With Togai, you get a single source of truth for all your billing and revenue data. 

With Togai

Turn raw event data into usage metrics by applying aggregation functions to bill your customers. Have full control of your metering system using dynamic filters, enriched data, custom attributes and logic.
Togai’s reliable and scalable infrastructure can handle high throughput and scale (billions of events) while also guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.
Subscriptions, user/usage based pricing, feature limits, tiers, licenses, flat fee, wallets - set up all this and more with just a few clicks. You can also choose if you want the payment type to be prepaid or postpaid - on a feature level.
Customize pricing plans on an account level to serve your enterprise customers while putting your self service plans on auto-pilot.
Set up usage limits and manage access to features without any code.
Enable your customers to auto-upgrade and downgrade their plans based on usage. Automate the entire self-service purchase process with a few clicks.
Explore entitlements
Auto- generate invoice, customize them, and collect payments without any manual intervention.
Togai integrates with your current workflows and tech stack like a sock. Automate the entire billing process, so you can focus on more strategic work.
Get 360° business visibility with granular revenue analytics.
Locate adoption patterns and audit usage data with in-depth usage analytics.


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Under the Hood
Get started for free
Your first $50K is on us

"When we decided to launch usage-based pricing, we evaluated tools that provide the flexibility to support different pricing models along with the reliability of handling data at high volume.

Togai’s solution first approach solved our different pricing & billing scenarios not just for today but also for the future and accelerated our time to market from months to days"

Nikhil Nandagopal

How Togai helped Appsmith launch usage based pricing
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Unparalleled support every step of the way

Priority support via slack, email and call with our solution engineers.

Custom integrations for your unique use case and tech stack.

Implementation and Migration services - for no extra cost.

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