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The single platform to meter, rate and bill customers for any pricing model.
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What can you do with Togai?

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Launch new business models 
10x faster

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Purpose built for usage based billing
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The most flexible rating and rule engine
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Go-live with just a few configurations
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Automate complex billing scenarios

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Prevent revenue leakage across your systems
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No-code workflow builder across 30+ apps
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Manage self-serve and custom quotes in a single system
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Provide great billing experiences

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Enable customers to track usage in real-time
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Provide alerts to prevent surprises at end of cycle
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Control your user experience with our first class APIs
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Generate usage insights

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Track and understand how customers use your product
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Simulate revenue impact based on actual data
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Create custom reports and dashboards
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What our customers say

Trust is built with consistency

One platform,

100s of pricing configurations

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Price Configurations
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Rules & Rating
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Togai is built to be your event data store. Our ingestion pipeline supports high throughput, high cardinality event streams for asynchronous processing as well as a synchronous pipeline that is meant to handle real-time metered entitlements. Our ingestion infrastructure supports event updates/reprocess and comes with inbuilt idempotency guarantees.
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A screenshot showing usage analytics and an inset picture of the invoice generated by Togai.


Connect to any data source (including Togai’s event store), apply filters, enrich data with custom functions and aggregate raw data into real-time usage metrics. Metrics are generated in real-time and provide continuous time-series data that can be used for internal and customer facing dashboard. This provide the inputs to Togai’s rating engine to manage usage based billing.
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A screenshot of the metering page and an inset picture of the invoice generated by Togai.

Price Configurations

Launch any business model in just a few clicks, without the need to write custom logic and application code. Iterate on various pricing strategies, manage subscriptions, usage based pricing, one-time purchases, entitlements, credits and minimum commitments in a single interface. Togai provides the best and most flexible price modeling system with support for prepaid, postpaid, self-serve and custom contracts and more.
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An invoice template with the different configurations.

Rules & rating

Togai is the only billing platform that provides a rule engine that allows you to create custom billing rules using JavaScript. You can combine them with various usage metrics and revenue data as inputs and generate completely new variables that can be computed and used for billing. The best-in-class rating engine provides rated metrics at an event level and aggregated granularity in real-time.
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A screenshot of the billables and an inset picture of the rule followed by Togai.


In-built support for over 30 integrations across CRM, Data sources, Payments, Invoicing, ERP and cloud marketplaces. Automate any type of billing workflows across your internal systems and 3rd party products without having to change your existing processes. Togai automates the entire quote-to-cash stack and improves your operational efficiency.
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Image of the integrations supported by Togai.


Get real-time analytics via our dashboard or using our APIs that can be embedded into your internal console and your customer facing dashboards. Use our revenue simulator to model different types of pricing based on actual usage data to understand business impact. Our alerting system enables you and your customers to get notified when they cross a usage or revenue threshold.
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A screenshot of usage analytics and an inset picture of revenue by usage meter.

Proven Expertise in Billing from Our Own Journey

Built for engineers, by engineers

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Highly Available and Scalable

We guarantee a minimum of four 9s uptime and a horizontally scalable infrastructure that can support tens of thousands of events per second.

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Togai will be the source of truth for your financial data. We have backups and periodic snapshots across multiple regions with automatic failover trigger mechanisms.

A small icon for Frugal.
We gurantee the most efficient (maximum ROI) event streaming pipeline for any type of metering and billing requirements.
A small icon for Observable.
Togai provides you an auditable trail of event logs that you can use to set up monitoring and logging for debugging purposes, when required.

With great billing power, comes great responsibility

A small icon for Engineering.
Togai’s APIs are its first class citizens and our SDKs make integrating with Togai a great experience. There is almost zero ongoing maintenance. Stop building undifferentiated billing solutions and free up your time to focus on solving customer problems. 
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A small icon for Product.
Togai provides a set-it and forget mode where we are the most extensible billing solution. Whatever business models you come up with, they are already made as ready-to-use configurations in Togai. Start using billing as a strategic function to simulate and iterate pricing strategies, to power your growth.
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A small icon for Finance.
Finance & ops
By automating all billing workflows, Togai removes the manual effort and pain involved with billing your customers for usage based pricing models. Prevent revenue leakages and improve your operational efficiences with Togai’s auditable system of financial data, ensuring that all your systems are in sync.

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A small icon for GTM.

Use Togai’s usage and revenue analytics to understand customer usage patterns. Get alerts when customers hit a specified criteria to upsell/cross-sell additional packages. Increase your deal closure rates by getting creative in your contracts without worrying about how you will manage your customers’ billing and invoicing.
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Our APIs use OpenAPI specifications and SDKs can be automatically generated. We also have custom built SDKs for most common languages. We are the only usage based billing platform that allows you to test for free.

Check out our developer guides, API docs and change log. Our demo app also provides you a playground to view the Togai platform with pre-populated data for different use cases.

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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

Billing Platform For SaaS · Billing Platform For Usage Based Pricing Model
Billing Platform For SaaS · Billing platform for usage based pricing model
For any queries, reach out to 
[email protected]
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