Frequently Asked Questions

Togai is a comprehensive platform that provides scalable billing infrastructure specifically tailored for usage-based pricing models. It helps businesses automate complex billing scenarios, track customer usage in real-time, and prevent revenue leakage.
Togai is ideal for businesses across various industries such as fintech, SaaS, API services, and more, that require flexible, usage-based billing solutions to accommodate diverse pricing models and complex configurations.
Togai offers features like ingestion of high-volume event data, real-time metering, flexible price configurations, and a powerful rule and rating engine. Our platform integrates seamlessly with other systems and supports extensive customization to meet specific and complex billing needs.
Togai prioritizes data security with robust infrastructure, ensuring safe handling of sensitive financial data and compliance with the latest security standards.

Yes, Togai supports integration with a wide range of CRM, ERP, and payment systems, facilitating a cohesive workflow across various platforms. We also work on custom integrations to fit into your system - schedule a demo with us and let’s walk you through!

You can begin by scheduling a demo through our website to see how Togai can specifically address your billing needs. The setup process is streamlined for easy integration and if you want some assistance write to us at [email protected]

At Togai, we offer you dedicated support. Additionally we have our comprehensive docs which will help you with your specific needs. We also provide you with a dedicated representative till you go live with us.

For any queries, reach out to 
[email protected]
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