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Togai - Monetization Platform for B2B Software

We envision a world where every B2B software business captures the value they create. We started by solving their most pressing needs - metering, billing and pricing. Our three core principles are to

Push billing operations to the background so you can reduce your costs
Maintain a reliable infrastructure that works at every scale to save your engineers' time
Give you flexibility to price every possible way so you can unlock new revenue
Our journey started in 2019 - 8 engineers building India’s 2nd largest payment gateway. We had phenomenal growth - we processed 30BN$ annually, and we kept scaling our technology and infrastructure exponentially. On the flip side, we couldn’t keep up with the operational overheads that came with such growth.
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We had a usage based pricing model and could not find a platform that catered to our needs. We were taking a huge hit to our top and bottom line due to ineffective billing workflows. We then built our own internal system to take care of all our monetization needs.

As we looked around, we saw how most companies face this same exact problem at some stage - while setting up their billing, while pivoting to a different pricing model, or when they launched new features.

Companies waste thousands of hours building an internal tool that adds no incremental value to customers. And that’s why Togai was founded.

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What’s in a name?

தொகை (pronounced ‘Tho-kai’) is a Tamil word that means ‘amount’. Colloquially, it is referred to as the price of a product/service. The founders went back to their roots, in Tamil Nadu, India and decided to name their product that helps you automate your pricing and use it to grow your business as ‘Togai’. In short, Togai is end-to-end monetization infrastructure for SaaS.

Our Values

Ownership & Accountability

  • Decide and act with conviction, take responsibility for your actions
  • Ask for forgiveness rather than permission

People First

  • Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.

Document Everything

  • Read when not thinking enough, write when thinking too much.
  • Communicate with clarity - avoid requiring separate explanations.
  • Explaining complexity necessitates two versions: a detailed, comprehensive one for understanding, and a simplified, reader-friendly one prioritizing clarity

Go deep before going wide

  • Ask a minimum of 3 Whys with a legitimate rational reason backing your question (Go deep until you say you don't know)
  • An important follow-up to raising questions is providing answers. It's easy to ask questions but harder to answer them. If you can't answer a question, acknowledge it before asking.

Always Be Progressive

  • Be a learner and not a judger
  • What will it take to answer the question you raised? What will it take to execute the answer to the question? Without these, the questions are not useful and will not move the company forward

Handle Hard Well

  • Work as hard as you can, and then some more
  • Nothing game changing was ever built without effort
  • Keep moving, momentum builds more momentum - Limbo is 100x worse than bad executions or decisions

Think Big, Be a Visionary

  • Over a long term, rewards are almost always commensurate with the risks you take
  • If you don't fail you are not pushing yourself - Make mistakes, learn, repeat - Ensure mistakes are not repeated and only new mistakes are made

Over Any Meaningful Time Period, Luck Evens Out

  • Everything awesome takes longer than you think. Get started and don't worry about the clock.
  • Stick around long enough - It is going to be a constant chain of surprise, volatility, setback, and disappointment, but if you can stick around long enough the odds of eventual growth and success are in your favor.