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Partnership Opportunities with Togai

We prioritize partnerships as they fuel innovation and mutual success. Our focus is on forging meaningful alliances that are pivotal for our mutual growth and commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our diverse clientele.

About Togai

Togai provides metering and billing solutions for the B2B sector. We focus on resolving operational complexities in usage-based billing. Our platform integrates effortlessly with various business tools, allowing businesses to modify billing and sustain operational processes smoothly.
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What’s in it for our partners?

We ensure all our partners are mutually benefitted through this collaboration. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with Togai:
Enterprise focus: We solve long-standing billing problems in established industries, creating aligned opportunities and growth for our partners
World-Class Product: Our top-tier metering and billing platform ensures an easy sell, thanks to its advanced capabilities and robust features.
Support-First Organization: We prioritize support and boast the fastest implementation time, guaranteeing predictable revenue realization for our partners.
Value-Driven Solutions: We solve customer challenges, ensuring enhanced value and successful collaborations with our partners.

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Togai’s Partner Ecosystem
System Integrators 

Togai collaborates with System Integrators to align our Sales and Marketing efforts, enabling the creation and enhancement of Togai sales and delivery capabilities.

We empower our system partners by offering white-labeling and self-hosting, allowing the development of comprehensive solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our shared customer base.

This collaboration delivers unparalleled value and addresses customer challenges effectively.

Channel Partnerships

Alliances with technology entities expand our capacity to meet varied customer needs across platforms and technologies and allow the delivery of diverse and flexible solutions.

Our partnerships with resellers concentrate on offering optimal value and addressing customer needs effectively through our platform.

Software Vendor Collaborations

Partnerships with Software Vendors enrich the capabilities of Togai’s platform, delivering crucial services and functionalities. These collaborations offer unified and efficient solutions to our mutual clients.

Pricing and Advisory Consultants

Pricing and Advisory Partners aid clients in outlining their digital transformation paths and pinpointing areas where Togai can act as the key driver in reaching strategic objectives.

Our approach with Pricing Partners is centered on aligning incentives with the value delivered and ensuring that contributions to consultancy projects are recognized and appropriately valued.

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