30+ integrations across data sources, CRM, ERP, cloud marketplaces and payment processors

Togai provides 50+ workflows across multiple external apps to automate any complex billing workflow, with support to create your own private flows using our No-code flow builder.
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Togai Integrations


Data sources

Billing and invoicing

Accounting & ERP




Spend time building great customer experiences without worrying about instrumenting them

Data source connectors
Connect multiple types of data sources including S3, data warehouses like Redshift, time series data bases like Victoria Metrics in addition to JDBC based databases.

Export data

Create custom reports and templates for automatically exporting them into multiple types of locations including S3, data warehouses and JDBC connection based databases.

Payment gateways

Native support for multiple global payment gateways including Paypal, Adyen, Paystack and Razorpay that helps you manage your payments in addition to billing.

No-code flow builder

Use our no-code flow builder to connect multiple actions and triggers across different apps (including your internal apps) and automate all your complex billing processes.

Quote-to-cash automation
Integrate with apps across the entire QTC cycle from CRM and CPQ to your accounting software and ERP to ensure every team has access to all the relevant metrics at all points.

Steps to implement a workflow

Syncing customers, automating quote to pricing, invoice sync with ERP, payment processing and reconciliation - plug gaps across your entire monetization stack with a single platform.
Add connection
Choose the relevant 3rd party application to add to Togai, you can also add your internal app using our private app option.
Configure flows
Setup the flows you are looking for - choose from a list of pre-configured flows or create a new flow using our workflow builder
Create workflow
Configure a new workflow through an app + trigger/action model (similar to Zapier) if you have a custom requirement.
Manage operations
You have a complete list of auditable logs across all the flows that are initiated within Togai to help you manage your processes end-to-end.

Make data-driven pricing decisions on the fly.


Create schema for any event and ingest them to use Togai as your usage system of record, reliably with accuracy.
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Define, track and measure the usage metrics of your product by applying custom transformation functions.
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Price configurations

Manage customers, their rate cards and invoicing cycles with support for any price model.
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Rules & Rating

Advance rule and rating engine that offers unparalleled control to package and bundle your product in completely unique ways, allowing you to monetize as you see fit.
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Prevent revenue leakage and ensure zero errors
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API first fully managed metering and pricing service
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Use data to drive your pricing decisions
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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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