Scale Innovation, Not Billing Debt

Don’t let billing complexity restrain product innovation. Togai handles usage data pipelines and revenue calculations behind the scenes so engineers can focus on building.
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Togai was more than a billing solution; it was a gateway to scalable growth and intricate pricing strategies. Their adept handling of our complex billing needs, from nuanced metering to flexible pricing models, not only streamlined our operations but also empowered our expansion into new markets.
Satyam Nathani, Co-Founder and CTO
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Build Scalable Data Pipelines

Ingest billions of usage events daily via developer-friendly APIs
Maintain full data ownership within your infrastructure
Add or update usage meters without migrating historical data
Divide data transformations across ingest and scheduled ETL
Run custom SQL directly on raw usage data
Run ad-hoc analytical queries directly on raw usage table

Accurate Value Computation

Zero Data Loss
Togai's sophisticated architecture, featuring multiple redundancies and fallback mechanisms, ensures that your data is accurately captured and processed, with no loss.
Idempotent Event Ingestion
Our event ingestion pipelines, both synchronous and asynchronous, are built with idempotency at their core, guaranteeing that every event is counted precisely once, eliminating any discrepancies in usage tracking and billing.

Minimal Engineering Effort

Efficient Feature Deployment
Launch and integrate new features with minimal engineering overhead. Togai's user-friendly dashboard and JSON-based logic for advanced configurations streamline your deployment process, allowing your team to focus on innovation rather than configuration.
Automated Scalability
Togai is designed to scale with your needs. Our platform automatically adapts to increasing data volumes and complex computation requirements, ensuring your infrastructure remains lean and performant.

Optimized Resource Management

Infrastructure Efficiency
With Togai, you can optimize resource usage, significantly reducing the storage and computation overhead. Our platform is engineered to handle large-scale data efficiently, keeping your costs in check.
Reduced Technical Debt
By offloading the complexities of metering and rating to Togai, your team can minimize the accumulation of technical debt, ensuring your engineering resources are invested in driving product innovation and excellence.

Inform Strategy with Usage Intelligence

Granular Data Insights
Use Togai's advanced analytics and custom SQL query capabilities to derive accurate usage insights. Build custom usage reports and oversight dashboards. Export usage data and analytics through API or flat files and control data access at role and object level. Make informed decisions based on accurate, detailed data.
Make Continuous Pricing Iteration and Refinements
Update usage meters, models, and pricing in isolated environments. Implement robust canary deployments for billing and promote desired models to production. Togai's revenue simulator and flexible configuration options allow you to test and refine your strategies in a data-driven manner.
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Metering and Usage based billing made easy

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