Effortless event ingestion built for any scale

Use Togai as your raw event store with our high throughput pipeline to apply any type of transformation and aggregation required to meter and bill your customers on usage.
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Horizontally scalable
Our queuing system and ingestion service is built to support billions of events per day with horizontal auto-scaling.

99.99% uptime
We understand the need for a reliable ingestion system and guarantee a four 9s uptime SLA.

<100ms response time
We provide very low latency for our ingestion API to ensure that you are not bottlenecked by your metering infrastructure.

APIs with OpenAPI specifications
Our documentation is clean and simple - we provide client libraries across all common languages and frameworks.

Prevent double counting
Our metering system is built to handle transactions atomically, and supports idempotency by default to ensure there are no financial errors.

Steps to implement Ingestion

API calls, Data stored, Duration of compute, payments processed, text/image generation - send raw events for any of these metrics and offload your metering event data store to Togai.
Define your own payload structure as an event schema. You can add attributes to meter and dimensions to group data on.
Multiple modes of ingestion including asynchronous, synchronous and batch mode via API or files, including support for cloud storages such as S3.
Use jsonLogic to create custom formulas and apply transformations at an event level and enrich the payload with additional on-demand computed data points.
View the events stream in real-time and also an audit log of each and every event, across the transformation pipeline to ensure 100% accuracy.

Make data-driven pricing decisions on the fly.


Define, track and measure the usage metrics of your product by applying custom transformation functions.
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Price configurations

Manage customers, their rate cards and invoicing cycles with support for any price model.
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Native support for upstream connectors like Kafka, S3, Segment, CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and downstream connectors like Stripe, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Slack and many more.
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Rules & Rating

Advance rule and rating engine that offers unparalleled control to package and bundle your product in completely unique ways, allowing you to monetize as you see fit.
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Prevent revenue leakage and ensure zero errors
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API first fully managed metering and pricing service
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Use data to drive your pricing decisions
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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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