Scalable Usage-Based Billing Platform for Infrastructure Companies

Togai offers rating engine flexibility, massively scalable usage ingestion, and integrated downstream workflows purpose‑built for heterogeneous cloud environments.
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Track Surges with Accuracy

Efficiently ingest high‑frequency data, including heartbeat monitoring and session data types, with Togai's distributed and reliable infrastructure. Define your custom payload and manage usage spikes confidently, ensuring data integrity at scale without loss.

Transform Raw Event Data 
into Billing Drivers

Convert essential infrastructure metrics into billable units, such as vCPU minutes, GB transferred, and storage capacity days. Incorporate crucial data dimensions directly from your sources, including instance size, type, region, and cluster ID, ensuring accurate and comprehensive billing data.

Support Diverse Monetization Models

Apply customized machine pricing - tier by size, type, and region. Mix on‑demand, spot, RI utilization tracking, and reservation‑based billing. Implement blended strategies.

Integrate Billing into the 
Accounting Stack

Facilitate real-time usage and revenue reporting with Togai's integrated workflows. Automatically generate invoices with your custom branding, ensure seamless billing reconciliation, and maintain detailed audit trails. Add and manage pricing dimensions effortlessly, reducing the dependency on engineering resources for billing modifications.

Simulate Pricing Changes Pre‑Launch

Model updates based on historical usage patterns first. Compare alternatives based on revenue impact and customer experience.

Cloud Marketplace Integrations

Togai seamlessly integrates usage data and billing workflows across external platforms and your existing enterprise service ecosystem. Check out all the integrations we support here
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Togai is built for Cloud Companies

Empower product builders to meter usage precisely, rate flexibly, and adapt billing rapidly - crucial capabilities for competitive differentiation.

Freedom to Experiment
Ingest data from diverse monitoring systems via developer‑friendly APIs. Model usage metrics aligned to customer‑facing offerings. Simulate billing impact of changes pre‑launch.

Optimized for Scale
Horizontally scalable architecture. Stateless rating supports usage spikes. Exabyte‑scale usage data warehouse. Maintain performance amidst exponential growth.

Focus Engineering on Innovation
Togai enables you to handle surging usage without billing system outages and scale to support exponentially growing usage. You can add billing dimensions without requiring engineering migration. Reduce dependency on engineering for monetization changes.

Multidimensional Pricing
Model regional price variances reflecting infrastructure costs. Togai delivers unmatched flexibility to apply pricing variables across multiple dimensions like instance type, region, availability zones, and workload types. With togai you have the ability to pull usage from your existing systems without any engineering effort!

Integrated Billing Workflows
Scheduled rating and invoicing cycles. Multi‑layer chargeback and credit allocation. Custom hierarchical invoice branding and messaging. Dimensional billing analytics and audit trails.

Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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