Usage Based Billing Software Built for the Modern Finance Ecosystem

Togai provides the usage metering flexibility, transparent rating, and billing workflow integration essential for fintech platforms to monetize rapidly evolving products.
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Scalable Usage Monetization for Fintech

Instantly Capture Emerging Transaction Types

Ingest event streams from new payment flows, ledger entries. Assign custom dimensions like payment method, geography and more

Freedom to Experiment with Monetization

Model revised transaction fee structures without engineering lift. Simulate pricing changes based on historical data.

Increase Business Agility

Launch and enhance monetization without usage data migration burdens. Add pricing dimensions without engineering dependencies.

Togai for Fintech

Empower product builders to meter usage precisely, rate flexibly, and adapt billing rapidly - crucial capabilities for competitive differentiation.

Adaptive Pricing Structures
Implement and manage dynamic pricing models that resonate with your financial products. Whether it's subscription-based, transaction-fee models, or tiered pricing, Togai offers the flexibility to innovate your monetization strategies.

Enhanced Customer Financial Journey
Provide a cohesive, integrated financial experience to your users. From transaction initiation to final invoicing, Togai ensures that each step is secure and transparent with audit trails for every event.

Streamlined Invoicing

Automate the generation of detailed, compliant invoices. With Togai's sophisticated invoicing system, handle complex billing scenarios with ease, ensuring clarity and consistency in every financial statement.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Utilize Togai's robust analytics to gain insights into usage patterns, predict market trends, and tailor your services to meet evolving customer needs.

Integration with your existing stack

Integrate with a spectrum of financial platforms, from payment processors like Stripe and Adyen to accounting systems like Quickbooks and Xero. Togai acts as the nexus of your fintech ecosystem, ensuring interoperability and efficiency.
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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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