Usage-Based Billing Engine for AI Monetization

Togai provides the building blocks for usage metering, transparent rating, and integrated workflows - unlocking frictionless and sustainable monetization of LLMs and other AI systems.
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Built to handle large AI transactions

Future-Proof Event Tracking
Ingest streaming logs of queries, training jobs, and predictions via high throughput APIs. Instantly add custom dimensions like error rate without migrations. Maintain raw event history for exploratory analysis.
Accurately Quantify Usage
Capture prediction volume, latency, and dimensions like model type. Aggregate events into developer-friendly metrics aligned to offerings - inference hours, and training cycles. Enrich with version and deployment environment dimensions.
Configurable and Understandable Pricing
Apply sophisticated pricing rules driven by usage and model complexity tiers. Empower developers with real-time cost visibility aligned to usage drivers.
Freedom to Experiment with Packaging
Model bundling scenarios mixing inference units, training cycles, and model complexity tiers. Simulate pricing changes based on historical usage before deploying.

Monetize AI Innovation End‑to‑End

With Togai, usage drives value creation in a flywheel - continuously improving models, maximizing innovation ROI, and sustaining market competitiveness.
Price Training Cycles Flexibly
Precisely meter cycles consumed per model type and implement tier pricing by complexity - text, image, speech, multimodal. Give researchers budget visibility into experiments and tweak model hyperparameters to optimize cost
Monetize Inference Alignment
Track query volumes and dimensions like latency. Bundle rate limits and SLAs for enterprise plans to upsell large datasets and ensembles. Provide real-time cost visibility into predictions
Value-Aligned Services Monetization
Set custom rates per offering. Automate billing and payment reconciliation. Enable professionals to sustainably monetize ongoing refinements.

Togai for GenAI

Smooth Product Integration
Ingest events directly from your LLM query APIs to begin metering. Add real-time usage alerts to model optimization systems. Display rated costs in user interfaces.

Leverage Existing Data & Systems
Connect Togai to your data warehouse for storage cost allocation. Generate invoices dynamically linked enterprise contracts. Integrate invoices into your AR workflows.

Extend Through Workflows Automation
Trigger automated dunning when thresholds hit. Notify support teams of heavy users. Alert engineering for scaling when usage spikes.

Omnichannel User Engagement
Serialize rated usage into customer portals and reports. Deliver metered cost insights over email, chatbots, and messaging channels.

Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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