Transform your SaaS Monetization Strategy with Usage-Based Billing

Togai provides the building blocks needed to continually adapt and scale subscription pricing models - accurately quantifying customer value consumption while creatively monetizing through automated workflows.
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Scalable Growth Engine for SaaS

Precise and Flexible Usage Tracking
Track any customer behavior with custom usage meters. Aggregate metrics seamlessly from diverse systems. Add dimensions without migrations. Maintain data ownership.
Configurable Subscription Packaging
Model account-based, usage-based, and hybrid plans simply. Handle complex enterprise agreements rules and discounts. Continually optimize bundles and thresholds. With Togai you can also monetize features by providing them as add-ons.
Actionable Monetization Intelligence
Analyze adoption and engagement metrics by personas and behaviors. Create reports and forecasts without coding. Alert usage milestones for upsell triggers.
Integrated Scalable Subscription Workflows
Schedule renewals, invoicing, and revenue recognition automatically. Suspend non-paying accounts instantly. Custom branding and account notifications.

Continuously Optimize SaaS Monetization

With Togai, align product usage to value creation for customers while creatively packaging and automating workflows to accelerate responsible scaling with no engineering effort.
Convert Users from Free to Paid
Implement prepaid credits to enable free usage sampling and upgrade to paying plans with credit-based entitlements. Configure behavioral triggers to motivate paid upgrades. Provide transparent rated cost comparison.
Unlock Expansion with Configurable Billing
Model multi-tier discounts, customized pricing variables, and complex billing cycles tailored to large accounts. Simulate pricing scenarios to maximize deal conversion and grow enterprise revenue. Togai provides you with details of event audit trails to ensure compliance.
Inform Product Investment with Usage Analytics
Analyze usage trends by cohort to guide high-ROI feature prioritization. Project revenue expansion from additional meters and dimensions. Use pricing simulations to quantify willingness to pay. Embed-rated cost visibility to boost adoption across segments.

Togai for SaaS

Configurable Metered Billing
Continually configure new usage meters. Apply pricing variables and custom dimensions. Model account-based, usage-based, hybrid pricing. Handle real-time surge rating.

Integrated Scalable Workflows
Multi-tenant scheduled rating and invoicing cycles. Automated subscription events lifecycle. Dynamic custom branding and notifications.

Open and Connected Ecosystem
Extend usage data and billing workflows bi-directionally. Embed rated costs. Integrate issuance and reconciliation. Maintain regulatory compliance visibility.

Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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