Purpose built for usage based pricing models

Togai enables you to configure 100+ monetization strategies with zero code, providing support for self-serve and custom enterprise contracts in a single system.
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Spend time building great customer experiences without worrying about instrumenting them

Maximum pricing flexibility
Configure 100+ pricing strategies using Togai’s price plan which can be used to model your product catalogue or subscription plans.

Price versioning and migrations
Manage version control for your pricing, grandfather your existing customers and manage pricing migrations in just a few button clicks without any hassle.

Complete configurability
Handle the entire lifecycle of your pricing and business model with zero code using our user interface that is intuitive and completely self-serve.

Scheduled pricing changes
Manage your subscriptions as a timeline with ability to automate any planned pricing changes, including free trials and reverse trials without engineering effort

Support multiple GTM motions
Use our price plans to setup a self-serve motion and our overrides to manage custom quotes and contracts required to handle sales led motions.

Steps to implement Pricing

Everything from usage to subscription to one-time fees and complex scenarios can be modeled using Togai. We guarantee you cannot find a pricing that can’t be configured in Togai.
Create the list of billable items that you are looking to price and bill for your customers
Configure the billing cycle, currencies and manage the invoicing frequency for your pricing configuration.
Add 6 types of rate cards to configure various types of pricing models (Standard/Tiered/Volume) and pricing types (Flat/Per unit/Package).
Provision customers by onboarding them and associating them with the corresponding price plan for which they have signed up

Make data-driven pricing decisions on the fly.


Create schema for any event and ingest them to use Togai as your usage system of record, reliably with accuracy.
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Define, track and measure the usage metrics of your product by applying custom transformation functions.
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Native support for upstream connectors like Kafka, S3, Segment, CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and downstream connectors like Stripe, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Slack and many more.
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Rules & Rating

Advance rule and rating engine that offers unparalleled control to package and bundle your product in completely unique ways, allowing you to monetize as you see fit.
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Prevent revenue leakage and ensure zero errors
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API first fully managed metering and pricing service
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Use data to drive your pricing decisions
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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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