Align Pricing to Product Value

Free your engineering team from the constant backlog of billing system updates and focus on what matters most - innovation and product development. Togai empowers product managers to directly connect feature usage to monetization, unlocking billing to fuel growth.
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“Togai's flexible solution swiftly addressed our pricing & billing needs, cutting our launch time from months to days.”
Nikhil Nandagopal, Founder
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Meter Your Product Usage Flawlessly

Configure meters to capture value from new features
Get end-to-end visibility into usage data pipelines
Ingest event data and run SQL queries to aggregate usage
Add enrichments during ingestion to create derived metrics

Efficient Metering and Rating

Real-Time Tracking
Implement Togai's real-time metering to accurately track and rate every user interaction, ensuring no feature usage goes unbilled. With Togai, you can perform granular segmentation and breakdowns by service, resource type, region, account, etc. Mathematical transformations like averages, percentiles, usage coercion and more.
Custom SQL for Meter Creation
Use custom SQL queries to define and fine-tune your metering logic, ensuring precise tracking aligned with your unique business requirements.

Streamline Pricing Configuration

Dynamic Contract Modeling
Easily model complex contracts and pricing scenarios with Togai’s flexible rules, significantly reducing the engineering effort required for custom pricing arrangements.
Accurate Value Computation
Togai has multiple built-in redundancies and fallback mechanisms, to ensure there’s zero data loss. Also our event ingestion pipelines (sync and async) have built-in idempotency, that ensures every event is counted exactly once!

Minimize Engineering Bandwidth

Reduce Tech Debt
Minimize the need for continuous metering engine development and configuration, reducing tech debt and freeing your team to focus on core product enhancements.
Optimized Resource Usage
With Togai, you can keep your database and storage costs in check, ensuring your infrastructure scales efficiently with your product.

Iterate on Pricing with Our Revenue Simulator

Forecast with Precision
Project the financial impact of potential pricing changes before they go live. Understand how different pricing models affect your bottom line, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Test and Learn
Experiment with various pricing scenarios in a risk-free environment. Gauge user responsiveness to new pricing structures, and fine-tune your strategy based on real-time usage data.

Make data-driven decision with our insights and alerts

Actionable Insights
Make informed engineering decisions with data-driven insights and alerts provided by Togai, aligning your efforts with business goals and customer needs.
Iterative Improvement
Use Togai's revenue simulator to predict the impact of feature changes and pricing adjustments, enabling a continuous cycle of optimization and growth.
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Metering and Usage based billing made easy

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