Usage-Based Billing Platform for Seamless 
API Monetization

Togai liberates API builders to swiftly deliver differentiated capabilities without billing bottlenecks inhibiting innovation velocity or responsible growth.
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Meter Your APIs Accurately

Instantly Meter New Endpoints
Ingest event streams. Configure meters aligned to developer experiences. Add dimensions without migrations.
Model Usage Plans and Ratelimits
Apply tiers, caps, usage, and compute metrics. Allocate infrastructure costs with showback. Simulate optimized monetization scenarios
Integrated Scalable Workflows
Schedule automated high-volume of events. Suspend inactive accounts. Custom branding across billing communication.
Integrations to Streamline Usage Monetization
Connect data pipelines from cloud infrastructure, analytics systems, and developer engagement platforms. Extend billing and payment workflows with payment processors, ERPs, and CRM systems.

Ensure Every API call translates into Business Value

Togai empowers API providers with advanced billing solutions, precision metering, and insightful analytics.
Per-Call Tracking and Billing
Togai's granular metering tracks every API call is billed. This ensures your pricing model accurately reflects the value of your digital services.
Flexible Rate Limits and Tiered Pricing
Implement dynamic rate limiting and create tiered pricing structures with ease. Togai enables you to incentivize usage, optimize server loads, and offer pricing that scales with your customers' needs.
Granular Call Tracking and Rating
Meter every authentication, request, and computation event. Dynamically calculate rated costs in real-time.

Togai for API Monetization

Cloud Marketplace Connectivity
Enhance your market presence by seamlessly integrating with major cloud marketplaces. Togai simplifies the complexity of marketplace billing, ensuring your APIs are accessible where your customers are.

Real-Time Usage Insights

Gain an in-depth understanding of how your APIs are used with Togai's real-time analytics. Identify popular endpoints, monitor usage trends, and use these insights to drive your API strategy and product development

Data Analytics and Storage
Integrate with advanced data solutions like AWS S3, AWS Redshift, and Postgres. Togai enables you to harness the power of your data, offering insights that drive decision-making and enhance the functionality of your APIs.

AWS Redshift

Unified Customer Experience
Provide a consistent, branded billing experience across all platforms. With Togai, your customers enjoy the same clarity and convenience, whether they're interacting with your APIs directly or through a marketplace.

Comprehensive Payment Gateways

Connect effortlessly with leading payment gateways like Stripe, Adyen, Razorpay, and Paystack. Togai's integrations enable smooth transaction processing, ensuring your API services are monetized efficiently and securely.


Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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