Zuora acquires Togai.
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Fuel Growth with Usage Intelligence

Togai gives your sales, marketing, and customer success teams the usage data and tools needed to rapidly grow revenue. Usage analytics inform strategy while automated billing workflows facilitate scalable monetization.
We found Togai to be very flexible - to be able to capture all our events, create any pricing, and scale for any form of complexity. We saw the platform's value in the first 30 days itself and what cemented our trust in Togai was getting clear ROI right from day 1.
Gulshan Dhanani, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations
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Inform GTM Strategies with Behavioral Insights

Set usage milestones to trigger in-app messaging
Segment users based on behavior to target promotions
Simulate pricing scenarios to maximize deal conversion
Define account health metrics powered by usage
Develop targeted plays for key accounts based on usage profiles
Alert on signals indicative of renewals and upsells

In-Depth Insights for Strategic Planning

Deep Market Analysis
Utilize Togai's advanced analytics to gain a thorough understanding of market trends and customer behaviors. Tailor your GTM strategies based on actionable insights to maximize market penetration and revenue growth.
Customer Usage Patterns
Dive into customer usage data to understand how your products or services are being utilized. Leverage these insights to refine your offering and align your marketing and sales strategies with customer needs.

Proactive Alerts for Timely Actions

Real-Time Notifications
Be the first to know about significant events, from surges in usage to reaching revenue milestones, enabling you to act swiftly and capitalize on opportunities.
Opportunity Identification
Use Togai's alert system to proactively identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Ensure your team is always ready to engage with customers at the right time with the right offer.

Revenue Simulator for Predictive Forecasting

Strategic Pricing Decisions
Test and forecast the impact of different pricing strategies with Togai's revenue simulator. Predict revenue outcomes based on various scenarios, helping you to make informed decisions that align with your GTM objectives.
Swift Market Responsiveness
Quickly adapt to market changes and customer feedback by simulating the financial outcomes of potential adjustments to your pricing and sales strategies.

Flexible Pricing Configurations

Overrides and Schedules
Implement custom pricing overrides and schedules to accommodate special deals, seasonal offers, or unique customer agreements. Togai's flexible pricing configurations ensure that your GTM strategies are always in sync with market demands and customer expectations.
Tailored Offerings
Create and manage a diverse range of pricing plans to meet the varied needs of your market segments. With Togai, you can easily configure, adjust, and manage pricing to ensure it aligns with your strategic GTM initiatives.
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Metering and Usage based billing made easy

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