Zuora acquires Togai.
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Unmatched Billing Accuracy for CPaaS Providers

Togai is the billing tool built for CPaaS, featuring an advanced rating engine. Optimize your revenue management seamlessly from omnichannel customer service solutions, real-time pricing adjustments, and pricing catalogues, to seamless integrations.
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Embrace the latest CPaaS Trends

Monetize Multiple Communication Channels:Harness the power of voice, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, video, and email. Togai's billing solutions, equipped with a sophisticated rating engine, adapt to a variety of channels, ensuring you're ready for the future of CPaaS.
Innovate with AI-Driven Solutions:Stay at the forefront of CPaaS with AI technologies like chatbots and conversational intelligence, seamlessly integrated into your billing processes using Togai's rating and metering capabilities.
Global Reach, Regional Accuracy:Togai's pricing catalogue and rating engine cater to diverse global markets, capturing the nuances of regional and operator-specific requirements.
Cater to Dynamic and Expanding Use Cases:Whether it's transactional operations, targeted marketing campaigns, or dedicated support services, Togai's billing system, with its precise rating and metering, is designed to handle a growing array of CPaaS use cases with unmatched accuracy
Upgrade your traditional billing systems to accommodate the dynamic pricing models, ensuring accurate billing for every interaction.

Solutions for CPaaS

We ensure all our partners are mutually benefitted through this collaboration. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with Togai:
Innovative Pricing Models:  Togai simplifies complex pricing challenges, offering a robust engine for creating flexible and varied billing strategies. Our rating engine allows limitless pricing possibilities!
Precision in Usage Tracking: Togai’s advanced metering capabilities ensure that every interaction is accurately accounted for, thanks to our integrated rating engine.
Insightful Reporting and Analytics:  Transform data into insights with Togai's comprehensive reporting tools, enabling informed decision-making backed by accurate rating data.
Reliable and Instant Support: Togai offers around-the-clock personalized support at every step! We also accommodate feature requests if you need any!

Togai is Purpose-Built for CPaaS

Navigate a user interface designed specifically for the demands and nuances of CPaaS billing, complete with an efficient rating engine.
Pricing Catalogue and Tariff Management: 
Easily manage tariffs and catalogues, and tailor your charges based on factors like region, channel, or message type by adding dimensions to your usage data, making billing more reflective of usage nuances.
Flexible and Customizable Pricing Structures:
Tailor prices based on diverse factors like user count, agent roles, licenses, usage metrics, and more. Implement default pricing, apply overrides, and set up tiered slabs and volume discounts with ease. With Togai, it is easy to accommodate high traffic volumes and real-time balance calculations.
Dynamic Pricing Management:

Adjust pricing on-the-fly and handle usage ratings instantly, keeping pace with market changes.

Handle diverse pricing models like usage-based, subscription-based, or hybrid pricing, revenue, and cost models.

Upgrade your traditional billing systems to accommodate the dynamic pricing models.

Seamless Integration and Workflow Automation: The billing tool that enables custom integrations. Integrate with any third-party system you may have and automate your billing flow end-to-end right from account setup, product setup, to invoicing, by catering to both cloud service and on-premise offerings.
Advanced Prepaid Credit Management: Simplify customer wallet management, offer clear prepaid credit systems, and facilitate easy monitoring, top-ups, and plan upgrades with Togai’s rating and metering system
Comprehensive Partner and Reseller Management: Effectively handle complex customer hierarchies, including resellers and partner models.

Integrate once and never worry about feature limits again.

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