How a 500Mn$+ enterprise conversational AI company used Togai to launch new pricing strategies that complemented their billing system’s capabilities

Hybrid pricing comprising platform fees and usage‑based components
FUNDING: 100Mn$ +
INDUSTRY: Enterprise Conversational AI delivers personalized conversational experiences to end consumers of large multinational corporations leveraging the power of generative AI built on multi-LLMs.

The problem was using another billing system (Zuora) to manage their existing subscription‑based offerings. The legacy nature of the existing system resulted in multiple bottlenecks in their monetization strategy. They faced performance issues on metered billing which their contracts demanded, when their customers crossed a certain threshold of usage. They were unable to support advance payments, pre-paid billing and providing credit functionality at a product level using the existing integration they had with their billing provider.

Building these features on top of the billing system would require 4 months of engineering effort, causing loss of revenue and delays in payment collections.

Yellow was unable to support advance payments, pre-paid billing, and providing credit functionality

We encountered a specific challenge with our billing process. We aimed to adjust our pricing to reflect the actual costs of running the service and needed a mechanism to selectively grant access to customers.

Gulshan Dhanani, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations

The Solutions

Togai’s marketplace for quote-to-cash apps, with native bi-directional support for syncing with Zuora, enabled to manage their metered billing needs as well as the support for the additional features, unsupported by their existing billing system. This was possible in a complete no-code manner, and only had to give Togai the requisite access to their Zuora account. This enabled Togai to demonstrate a POC(proof of concept) without any effort or code changes at’s side in under 2 weeks. Using the POC, Togai was able to solve their problem and onboard them seamlessly onto their production system without any impact on’s customers.

Togai was able to solve their problem and onboard them seamlessly onto their production system

Togai’s USP

Plugin mode - Togai works as a replacement for your billing system or a plugin on top of any billing provider to support pricing models that are not possible in that system. This is done using our marketplace of integrations with common billing providers and enabling 2-way communication between them and Togai, without manual intervention.

Pricing flexibility - Since Togai is based on an event‑driven architecture (as opposed to subscription‑based one of the traditional billing systems), we provide the capability to model any action a user or a bot or code takes on your product as a monetizable event that can be used to capture the value being created by your software.

Focus on time to value - We optimize to create the shortest time-to-value for any pricing use case and provide accelerated feedback loops. This provides your sales teams the opportunity to sell those new price plans much more quickly than it would normally take, thereby unlocking additional revenue much earlier.

Price simulator - Togai is a ‘data modeling platform for pricing’ - we provide you with the capability to run new pricing models on past usage data and run a comparative study before implementing a new monetization strategy.

Our event-driven architecture helps model any action taken on your product as a monetizable event
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