The Usage Based Pricing 
Playbook - a strategic and tactical guide

All you need to know about creating and implementing a usage based pricing motion for your products.
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Front cover of the e-book : The Usage Based Pricing 
Playbook - a strategic and tactical guide.

    Sneak peek 

    3 out of 5 SaaS companies now have some form of usage based component in their pricing. Companies are moving away from cost-based thinking and towards usage-based, hybrid, and value-based models. So if you are a revenue, pricing or product leader seeking to understand how to strategize and implement pricing, then this handbook is perfect for you. 
    Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:
    Is usage based pricing the right fit for your product? What are the benefits? How do different categories and industries use usage based pricing for their products?
    The 3 step process to designing the right usage based pricing strategy for you - how to pick the right value metric, the pricing model and the pricing structure.
    Implementation checklist for GTM teams. What needs to change in your Sales, support and customer success teams when you're implementing a usage based component?
    Technical implementation - what does that look like? What are factors you need to consider before starting the implementation?