Optimize Packaging, Manage Access, and Control Usage

Effortlessly build and test any pricing plan, manage access controls efficiently, introduce paywalls and customer portals with Togai’s API-first approach to pricing.
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How do entitlements work?

Let’s see how entitlements work using an example of a marketing automation tool
Automatically track and deduct credits as your customers use the feature
Limit interactions and once limit is reached notify customers to add extra credits or upgrade.
Provide extra credits monthly for a specific feature on a recurring basis according to your pricing plans.
The image shows entitlements automatically tracking credits.
The image shows entitlements providing extra credits.
Pricing designed for all business needs

Make Pricing easier for Engineering and Finace Teams

Why Entitlements?

Helps Simplify Packaging

Creating and managing product packages can be complex and time-consuming. Balancing customer value and pricing strategies requires careful consideration.

With Entitlements, you can simplify package definition, making it easier to optimize your product offerings and pricing models.

The image shows entitlements simplifying packaging.

Provides Effortless Feature Access Control

Controlling access to features is crucial for maintaining a fair and tailored customer experience.

Entitlements help you to streamline access control, ensuring that customers have the appropriate access to features based on their chosen package. Provide a superior customer experience without a dent in your revenue.

Unlock growth and discover new GTM opportunities with Entitlements

What are Entitlements?

Entitlements helps your business provide access to different features based on pricing models and plans.Togai enables you to provide real‑time feature access control across different plans and adapt your pricing to product changes with ease.

Take control of your user experience with Togai.

Provide access to selected features
Control and provide access to specific features based on their plan​​.

Change Configuration
Change the behavior of a feature within the application, depending on the package or plan that a customer is on​​.

Set Soft or Hard limits:
Cap the usage of certain features, and alert your customers when they reach a certain usage level​.

Manage your Entitlements with Togai

Build Fast, Price even faster
Togai provides robust entitlements management, allowing you to set precise usage limits and control feature access. This gives you greater control over your billing structure and is the most advance in the industry.

Experiment easily with your pricing
Togai’s no-code platform enables anyone on your team to run experiments, track usage, or tweak individual plans effortlessly. Whether you need minor adjustments or a major overhaul, Togai supports any change and allows you to adapt pricing strategies on the fly.

Gain Valuable Insights into Usage
Unlock deeper customer engagement insights with Togai. Identify popular features and monitor usage across self-serve plans. Keep track of wallet balances and credits, and adapt your offerings based on actual data. With Togai, you're not just managing your pricing plans, you're shaping experiences.

Always Stay in Control
Provide transparent and fair pricing with Togai. Ensure your customers access features only included in their plans. Manage your resource usage effectively and keep your pricing in check with Togai.

Streamline Purchase and Tracking
Effortlessly record purchases and integrate with payment platforms like Stripe. Togai offers real-time tracking of limit availability, keeping users informed. Our flexible platform lets you customize existing price plans, so you can meet individual customer needs.

Make data-driven pricing decisions on the fly.


Create schema for any event and ingest them to use Togai as your usage system of record, reliably with accuracy.
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Define, track and measure the usage metrics of your product by applying custom transformation functions.
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Price configurations

Manage customers, their rate cards and invoicing cycles with support for any price model.
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Native support for upstream connectors like Kafka, S3, Segment, CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and downstream connectors like Stripe, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Slack and many more.
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Prevent revenue leakage and ensure zero errors
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Use data to drive your pricing decisions
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Scalable & reliable billing infrastructure for usage based pricing

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