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Togai vs Metronome

Which is the best billing software for your business?

As your business evolves, you need a billing system able to keep pace. Metronome provides strong fundamentals—but for true flexibility over time, Togai is the top choice.

Togai combines rapid deployment with robust customization options, ensuring your billing can support both immediate needs and long-term innovation.

Both Togai and Metronome are equipped to handle essential billing functions. But you need an end‑to‑end and scalable billing system. 

Let’s explore how Togai elevates your billing experience beyond the offerings of Metronome.

Scalable Data Management: Efficiently handle vast event data volumes.

Flexible Pricing Models: Support various pricing strategies.

Real-Time Analytics: Provide up-to-date usage insights.

Why Choose Togai: 
A World of Advanced Billing Possibilities

Enhanced Customisation
Broader Industry Application
Superior Integration Capability
Dynamic Entitlements
Feature Add-Ons

Flexible Pricing Configuration

  • Model complex pricing strategies like tires, packages, hybrid plans, and commitment discounts
  • Configure usage allowance plans
  • Define promotional pricing

Faster GTM and Billing Implementation

  • White glove support from our engineering and implementation teams
  • Model your pricing plans in minutes

Dynamic Entitlements and Feature Add-Ons

  • Provide credit-based entitlements and offer more tailored billing plans
  • Allow purchases of stand-alone features to promote PLG strategies

Automated Billing Workflows

  • Schedule invoices, customize branding, support multiple currencies
  • Accept payments through integrated gateways
  • Automate reconciliation with accounting tools

Broader Industry Application

  • Billing tool built for different verticals from CPaaS, healthcare, SaaS, and more!
  • Custom features are built based on requirements too!

Transform Your Billing Experience with Togai

Faster Time to Market
Launch plans, gate features, and add self-service enhancements swiftly with Togai’s robust API and SDKs. Speed up your time-to-market while instilling more confidence in your team.

Unparalleled Customization
Your business is not one-size-fits-all, and neither should be your billing solution. Togai offers unparalleled customization, allowing you to create any pricing model that suits your business. Don’t see a feature you’re looking for? We’ll custom-build it for you!

Robust Support Structure
Our dedicated 24/7 support, guides you from configuration to implementation and beyond. Our team ensures seamless integration and ongoing assistance for all your billing needs.

Custom Integrations for Enhanced Efficiency
Our platform integrates effortlessly with your existing systems and workflows. Be it on-premise solutions, cloud, or any custom integrations, Togai helps you seamlessly integrate with your preferred tools and enhances your operational efficiency by reducing manual efforts.

Have questions? Let's talk.

Togai vs Metronome:
The Clear Choice for Your Business

Choosing Togai means opting for a billing solution that understands and adapts to your unique business needs. While Metronome provides a competent service, Togai offers that and much more with its bespoke solutions, unparalleled support, and innovative approach.