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The Best Alternative To 
Zuora Designed For Complex Enterprise Pricing

While Zuora offers comprehensive seat-based subscription management, Togai takes you a step further with advanced, flexible, and real-time solutions that cater to modern business needs.

Why Togai over Zuora?

Togai’s billing platform is designed in such a way to help you lead the market, not just adapt!  Togai provides:
Advanced Billing:
Enjoy hybrid subscription models, usage-based, and tiered billing or any combination you like that adapts to your business strategy.
Real-time Tracking: 

Monitor real-time customer usage as it happens, enabling immediate insights and response.
Pricing Flexibility: 

Test and implement dynamic pricing strategies with Togai's flexible system, going beyond Zuora’s traditional models to increase market responsiveness.
Endless Billing Customizations:
Take all the manual effort for customizations away with Togai. Tailor your pricing configurations to meet unique customer needs like postpaid billing, custom billing and more, ensuring a personal touch.
Custom Integrations:
Every company has its own systems and processes, from on-premise to tools that are bespoke. Togai allows for any custom integration that you want to implement, enabling a completely integrated billing within your existing ecosystem.

Choose Togai Only If You:

Want to increase your revenue by diversifying revenue streams
Want all types of invoicing capabilities like prepaid, postpaid or even a  mix of both! 
Need cutting-edge billing and metering capabilities.
Want to innovate your pricing plans with ease.
Require a dynamic, customizable solution for unique customer pricing.

Enterprise Ready Features

 Price Configurations
Togai supports any combination of purchase types and pricing models, including usage-based and flat/seat-based, whereas Zuora is limited to seat-based with basic usage support.
 Entitlement Management
With Togai, you have a wide array of entitlement options, which helps you to cater to different segments of the market and also enable Product-Led Growth.
 Metering and Tracking
Not only does Togai help you implement a seat-based pricing, it also offers a comprehensive suite of metering tools with a no-code interface. While Zuora requires additional tools for complete functionality.

We built billing so you don’t have to. Go with Zuora and you will have to.

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The Togai Advantage

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Integration Ready:
Togai seamlessly integrates with any platform to fetch or push data and enhances your billing capabilities.

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Multi-currency Support:
Offer global pricing strategies with Togai's multi-currency support across all plans.

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Customer Support:
Experience dedicated support with a 24-hour turnaround time for all Togai plans.

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Unlock Premium Features On-Demand
With Togai, upgrade your plan feature-by-feature — not just tier-by-tier. Select and pay for only the premium features you need without a full plan upgrade, optimizing costs and unlocking potential for your enterprise.

Metering and Usage based billing made easy

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