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Togai for Pricing Managers

See faster results from your pricing strategy

Operationalize and bring new pricing models to life without engineering bottlenecks. Togai is a no-code monetization suite that enables you to iterate on pricing in days, not months.
I want more flexibility with pricing. Right now, every small change requires engineering’s time. Implementation takes a very long time and I’m not able to show value for months. I also don’t have enough visibility into what’s working and what’s not.
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- Every Pricing Manager ever.

Pricing implementation used to be a 6 month process. 
Until Togai. 

Crafting a pricing strategy? Tough. Implementation? Even tougher. It's a cross-functional circus that takes months, involving custom coding(engineering), wrangling sales workflows(revenue and ops), and juggling billing(finance). 

With Togai, you can price your products the way you want without being restricted by the pricing capabilities of your billing systems.
Image illustrating how Togai helps to optimize discounts, segment pricing etc. with a few clicks.

Implement your pricing strategy without engineering bottlenecks

With togai’s no-code platform, you can turn your pricing strategy ( no matter how complex it is) from theory to reality without engineering dependencies.

  • Set up usage tracking and metering,
  • Build and roll out custom pricing models
  • Automate revenue, finance and operations workflows
    and much more on our intuitive web-app interface.

Asses effectiveness of your current pricing and simulate new pricing

  • Locate leaks in your pricing using our granular usage and revenue analytics. Know what’s working and iterate on what’s not.
  • Whether its creating discounts, add-ons, changing packages, you can do it all and much more while keeping your other systems updated. Without worrying about engineering backlogs.
  • Simulate new pricing models and strategies using our pricing simulator and get buy-in from other teams.
The image shows the pricing simulator of Togai to simulate different pricing models, and plans to see projected revenues, usage, and other key metrics.

Build vs buy

Building an internal system can be a nightmare. 

Want to iterate on pricing because it isn’t optimized? That will take months.
The internal tool would have to fit into the internal stack and workflows of the revenue, product and customer facing teams.
Building a system that supports price elasticity for reps to create custom pricing and close more deals is a huge undertaking.
Manual calculations result in errors and billing disputes. So customer support needs usage data. Which means you need detailed audit trails.
Looming scalability and reliability issues that are sure to creep up on you as you grow.
Enterprise customers want customized pricing? You have to build new capabilities to Bill those customers
Adding new features? You now have to build the pricing infrastructure to support every new feature.
The system would need to have analytics and reporting capabilities to give a view of what's working and what's not. 
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The list is endless. It’ll very quickly balloon into a full-time chaotic nightmare needing an entire team of engineers working with finance, revops, sales, CS and product teams.

Why would you do that to yourself?


Collect events and data from any data source using our REST API and Client SDKs


Apply transformation functions (such as sum,count, gauge, etc) to calculate your product usage


Create custom rate cards and price your product with the metered data


Two-way integrations with various CRMs, billing and invoicing tools, so it fits right into your stack
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Custom implementation just for you.

Pricing is bespoke. Every organization has it’s own unique strategy and internal workflows. And that’s why we focus on setting up togai according to your specific requests, so it’ll fit right into your existing stack and processes.
Image illustrating usage analytics with meter configurations.