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Togai for revenue operations

Your revenue command centre

Increase ASP, ARR and price flexibility.
Reduce manual operations, revenue leakage and time to value.
"Billing operations are a necessary evil which sucks a big chunk of my time every week. I wish I could automate them all."
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- Every revops person you ever met.

Give reps greater price flexibility

Pricing is bespoke. Especially if you’re selling to enterprise.
Give reps the freedom to set custom pricing for prospects so they can close more deals, faster while still giving them pricing guardrails.
Image showing the different price plans, and option to add items to the chosen price plan for Revops.
Image illustrating how Togai helps to optimize discounts, segment pricing etc. with a few clicks.

Iterate and optimize on pricing without engineering overhead

Acquisition isn’t the only lever for revenue. The average startup sees a 20% bump in ARR when iterating on pricing. Experiment and optimize your pricing without waiting on engineers. With Togai, you can design custom discounts, segmented pricing, tiers, slabs etc with just a few clicks.

Don’t let your current systems prevent you from improving your ASP and ARR.

Custom made to fit into your stack

Automate your revenue workflows with Togai. No more manual work or errors resulting from poorly cobbled together systems. Togai fits right into your existing stack and acts as your single source of truth for all things revenue.
Image represents how Togai fits right into an existing stack and integration made easy.

Build vs buy

Building your own internal system is a nightmare

Reps need price elasticity to get to closed-won. But this requires a lot of heavy lifting from the tech team.
Enterprise customers want customized pricing. But it's impossible to cater to their requests without building internal tooling. This leads to stalled and closed-lost deals.
Hacky internal workflows that result in manual work, errors and billing disputes.
The internal tool would have to fit into the internal stack and workflows of the revenue, product and customer facing teams.
Millions of edge cases - idempotency, handling concurrency, multi-currency, etc.
Looming scalability and reliability issues that are sure to creep up on you.
Adding new features? You have to build the pricing infrastructure to support every new feature.
Want to iterate on pricing because it isn’t optimized? That will take 6-8 months and will need multiple teams working together.
Making changes to the infra? Check for backward compatibility to ensure nothing breaks
The list is endless. It’ll very quickly balloon into a full-time chaotic nightmare needing an entire team of engineers working with finance, revops, sales, CS and product teams.

Why would you do that to yourself?


Collect events and data from any data source using our REST API and Client SDKs


Apply transformation functions (such as sum,count, gauge, etc) to calculate your product usage


Create custom rate cards and price your product with the metered data


Two-way integrations with various CRMs, billing and invoicing tools, so it fits right into your stack
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Custom implementation just for you.

Pricing is bespoke. Every organization has it’s own unique strategy and internal workflows. And that’s why we focus on setting up togai according to your specific requests, so it’ll fit right into your existing stack and processes.
Image illustrating usage analytics with meter configurations.